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Q : Where can I see or buy Varla’s Works ?

A : Varla’s works are still available in few art galleries in Tbilisi even if most of his works are owned by private collectors and The National Museum of Georgia.

Q: Which is the most expensive painting of Varla ?

A: In 2007 “Harvest” oil on canvas 25,4 cm x 33,02 cm was sold for 40,886 $

Q: I own Varla’s work, can I send it to you so that you can update your Instagram account ?

A: Yes please, our goal is to unite all of Varla’s works on @felixvarla and on our website.

Q: Where is Felix Varlamishivi from ?

A: Felix Varlamishvili also known as Varla is a Georgian born – French Artist

Q: I own Varla’s work, can you help me sell it ?

A: Yes, we can help you to get in contact with interested persons.

Q: Do you sell Varla’s works ?

A: We can give you contacts of galleries who have Varla’s work for sale.

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